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Last Friday night…

There’s a pounding in my head

Body feels like the undead

There’s a new champ in my queue

Yeah those games we played a few

League of Legends in our rooms

Think I just dug my own tomb… (more…)

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Binge playing… it’s a real thing.  I hardly ever play during the week (partially time issues, partially other things) but the weekends?  Somehow we’re always out till 3 in the morning raging while the rest of our college parties.  But we all know LAN parties are the best parties… (more…)

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I know gamer rage is a common phenomenon. In fact, a kid from my hometown is renowned for his gamer rage. But still. I feel like I spend all forty minutes of the game really pissed. Lunar posted about semi-raging at us. But I mostly agree. I’m not generally mad at my teammates because I know I’m not doing any better. I sit there and go ‘godd@mnit why did I miss killing that creep? Sh*t I should’ve been watching that lane for that gank. Why didn’t I ward that f*cking bush? Fjlsdfjsd I’m dead again. What the h*ll was I doing?!?!?!” (more…)

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Soooooo…. Hm. I feel like I need a way to organize my thoughts. I’ll try and sort into the following three categories and see what happens, yes? Discoveries, mishaps, and other… let’s go! (more…)

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Streaming success?

The three stooges (Asian with glasses edition!) are back!
Ok yeah I’m pretty fond of that title actually. Many thanks to whichever snarky commentator bestowed it.

So we tried streaming again. After multiple delays and a lot of ‘what’s going onnnnn??’ things started happening.
Fun fact: I was using a legit computer this time. *Le gasp*
Fun fact #2: This does not mean I am any better at this game. It means spells happen when I want them to, but I still seem to die a lot. (more…)

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Like jcette, I have been sadly hampered by my school work… but no matter.
Thanks to everyone who responded to my last post. I actually decided to go with Amumu because I need to try a different style of play and I haven’t done tank yet. And because he’s a Yordle (sp.?) and I find I’m particularly enamored of them. Blame it on my gender if you must, but I’ve tried Corki, Tristana, Annie (ok I know she doesn’t really count, but she’s equally small and adorable), and enjoyed them. Alistar not so much… maybe it was a mental block but he just felt so clunky and cumbersome… (more…)

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Warning: Kinda long. You’re allowed to pull a TL;DR on me.
My new stunningly brilliant conclusion is that this game is more fun when played at a semi normal speed and when you aren’t getting your ass handed to you. (more…)

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