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Hey folks,

I know it’s been a looooooong time since any of us posted.  Well good news everyone!  I’m going to be reviving the blog and start posting my musings.  Current goal is one post every Sunday.  We’ll see if I can keep that up.  There won’t be anymore project related stuff (we finished that up with the documentary) but I will continue discussing things new players can do to get better as well as other random things.

Also I took down our header (the picture at the top of the page) because the image wasn’t exactly “ours.”  Need to make a new one.

So you’re probably wondering what happened during the hiatus.  Here’s the run down:


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Playing with the team wasn’t the only thing I was doing during this project.  I was also solo queuing on my main account and getting better at the game!  I ended season 1 at about 1580, but in January I was down around 1420 due to being out of practice (it was corporate recruiting season and I was busy trying to find a job).  It took me three months, but I’ve been getting better and am now sitting at 1704.  An observation:


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Wondering why I haven’t posted for the past few weeks?

It’s because of this suckers! Final term presentation youtube video goooooo.  1080P yo!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s played with us throughout the last 3 months.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

I can’t speak for the rest of the group but, seeing as I am the official owner of this blog and ❤ LoL, I’ll continue to play the game and will try to make a post at least once every two weeks.  Feel free to drop by every once in a while

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When you fail at something and continue to do it the same way while expecting different results it may be time to go see someone because you’re probably crazy.  Yesterday you got in a fight with the neighborhood tough guy.  He beat you up because he’s bigger and stronger than you.  Today you see him walking down mid (one of the three streets in your town) with a group of his minions around him.  Do you:

A) Run at him screaming again flailing those twigs you call arms, just like yesterday.

B) Wait till he goes to sleep and light his socks on fire.


C) Study hard, get rich, buy out the company he works for, and fire him.


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Observations: Week 6

Oh dear, I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks.  Got sick, got sad, got busy.  Am better now and am throwing out TWO posts tonight.

I’ve continued to observe the conditions under which I rage  at the team (eg loudly point at what was done wrong) and am coming to some interesting revelations.

1.  I rarely rage at anyone if I am in a solo lane.

2.  I am much more likely to rage if I am tired, sick, or have been losing ranked games on my main account (it’s interesting because I still NEVER rage in ranked on my main).

3.  I don’t rage at the team for feeding.  I do rage when a mistake ends up causing my death.


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Observations: Week #5

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past 2 weeks.  I’ve been bogged down with midterms and gastroeneritis.  Getting back to it now since I can’t really leave my room.

I noticed something interesting about myself this week.  I rage a lot when I play with friends, but I never rage when they aren’t playing with me (or they can’t hear me).  The team makes a lot of mistakes.  That’s fine though because they’re all new.  Of course they’re going to be making mistakes.  They’ve only been playing the game for a little over a month and only on weekends for the most part.  Sadly, this doesn’t stop me from raging at them.


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EDIT: 8:40PM — We’re up and streaming!! Sorry for the delay –Berry

EDIT: 8:03PM — Our room’s currently taken and we’re in the process of finding another one!! Be online soon!!! SORRY GUYS!!! — Ella

See thread title.  we’ll be streaming tomorrow evening around 8pm eastern if anyone wants to watch/play with us (I’ll likely be sitting out after the first game)


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