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So I’ve just started learning how to jungle, and things aren’t looking so hot thus far.

I play Shaco in the jungle, and my bark is far worse than my bite. Seriously, I can’t accomplish any ganks or help my team at all. Maybe I should just go back to AD carries…. T.T

On another note, are they ever going to nerf fiora? She’s too strong at level six right now. Can’t beat her 1 v 1 even if I buckshot with graves right into her face and hit her with three bullets. Sigh…


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Best game ever

Just now I had the best game ever. The most glorious slaughter I’ve ever witnessed. Old man graves is a monster.

The beginning was inauspicious. We were losing both top and bot lanes and they sent me mid even though there was an AP carry… and the team split up Ella and I (we were queuing together) and GOSH WHY IS RIVEN SO BAAAD stop facechecking and expecting Ella to heal you…

Anyways, our team was losing but we caught a break because the opposing kennen disconnected after a while. And I proceeded to feed off middle lane for like 15 minutes… which got me a bloodthirster, phantom dancers, and an extra BF sword. (more…)

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School v.s League of Legends

Current score: School: 0, League of Legends: 1


I spent the past two hours playing LoL instead of doing homework. I’m screwed for class tomorrow but it’s okay because I destroyed the enemy team with Ziggs. I had Lunar giving me tips and pointers so it made me OP.


Does anyone else have a hard time doing work instead of playing LoL?

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Things you learn from LoL

1. No matter how far behind you are, don’t give up!

I was in a game the other day where the opposing team was behind by around 14 champion kills and the towers were even. I didn’t even know they could come back from that, but they did, and they won. Usually at our level of gameplay, when you’re down a few champion kills the team loses morale and gives up… but why do we do that? It’s so easy to give in and so difficult to change the style of gameplay to come back from a losing situation.

But I think it’s plain masochistic to say “Let’s finish the fight like men” and not have any plan to back it up. (more…)

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I got to play with my lovely crew yesterday. It was really fun because Lunar basically sat out for a couple of games just to give us horribly accurate and helpful tips. I say horribly because he kept reminding me how bad I was at the game. “Jcette if you used all your skills you would have gotten that kill.” “Jcette what do you have against last hitting?” Yeah, yeah…


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Old man Graves

So I’ve been playing Graves lately, because I couldn’t help my team as Miss Fortune. I was worse with her than I am with Tristana… anywho, Graves is a charismatic old man! Though he ain’t a pirate…


I haven’t been playing as often because I have lots of work~ and because Ella and Berry keep playing without me. Can’t blame them, whenever we play together we lose because there are 5 smurfs on the other team. Although why we call them smurfs is still beyond me… they’re not cute and blue at all. Anyways I’m really caught up in school right now… hopefully I’ll make a comeback?


On another note… how do you use flash? It doesn’t go very far at all and I just got it but I don’t know how to use it.

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Miss Fortune


This week’s hero roulette is what I’ve been waiting for.

Miss Fortune (Sexiest pirate ever!!) is free to play! And she’s just a fine hero. Too bad I don’t know how to play her at all. Going to learn the ropes again. I’m only familiar with ranged characters anyway.

I was watching the ESL pro circuit season I finals and was amazed by how deep this game gets. Right now I’m still at the stage where each game is hit-or-miss and you can tell within the first 5 minutes (if the opposing team has 8 kills already chances are your team ain’t getting any better later on).

I have a question for more experienced players: What do you do when you start to lose real badly? How do you change gameplay to maximize your chances of winning? Everytime our team starts to lose somebody goes and starts feeding the enemy, probably to end the game faster. But I want to know how to turn things around when nothing’s looking good.

P.S to a Twisted Fate named melmel… ┬áHi! I was the tristana on the other team two nights ago who was doing okay but you farmed the heck out of my team and destroyed us single-handedly. I’d like to have a rematch once I really get going~

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