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Best Week Ever!

1. Lulu is free this week. I’ve wanted to play her ever since she came out!!
2. I’ve reached lvl 20, when Lunar says I can now buy runes. What runes do I get?
2b. I read guides and stuff, but I’m not sure if the gold per second rune (tree thing) is good to get? I sometimes play AP (Ahri/Morg) and would probably want to not get the gold per second rune?
3. Just got done with a midterm! now I can move on to other homework, lolz.

In other news…I’m probably just not playing this correctly, but Lulu (while cute) is frustrating? I didn’t see her spells doing much damage? And the polymorph is so short!! I barely have time to take a look at the little squirrel thing before it changes back…Her auto-attacks are pretty nice, but still…Jcette is now trolling with AD Lulu as I type. Funfun.

back to reading now…

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Drunk LoL <3


Long time no chat, no? I wish I had pretty pictures to share, but I don’t take screenshots like Berry…

Anyway! I just had the distinct pleasure of playing with TTMazeltov (sp?), who is level 30…which means it was a tough game…LOL. I’m still a measly level 19 because…well…I haven’t played too much (not like jcette anyway, who has made a smurf o_o). As Berry mentioned, we have lured encouraged more friends to play with us, and BOY! Is it different to be on the other side of the teaching-learning scale! Lunar has the patience of a saint! Also, being the noob that I am, none of my friends used my referral link (http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4f826fdd9e8da570403820) and I was not even aware of its existence until TTMazeltov asked me about it. Why didn’t Lunar tell us?!?!

Oh. Yeah. BTW. Playing LoL while tipsy ;p fun tiiiimes. This post is probably also rather disjointed…I’m just rambling.

Oh!! I also had a wonderful time trolling jcette with Sona. (more…)

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Quick question…

Did you guys master 1 champion first before moving on to the rest of them? Lunar said that I should learn to play a type really well (I’m obviously playing support), so next on my list are Janna, Taric, and…someone else…(<__<) On the other hand, I really like playing Sona and am (hopefully) getting the hang of her. When should I move on to the next champion? How do you know you’ve “mastered” a champion?

Ok, so that was a few more than one quick question… ❤

Lovelove ~


P.S. Papers = no drawings lately…but I’ll get Alistar and Maokai soon!

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Just a quick note that we’ll hopefully be streaming at 11:00PM EST tonight (Friday)! @Second Movement — looking forward to play against your team? :3

What I’m up to lately…besides losing my 10 win streak (the start of another 10? XD)

Lunar showed me this blog: http://stopplayingleague.tumblr.com/
I love it! (n_n) She’s so funnyyyy! And her gamer boyfriend! Haha!

Other than that…I doodle in class… (more…)

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10 Wins!! :)

Evidence right here!! GAAAAAHHHH SO HAPPYYYYYYY!!!! Hahahahaha.

and now…homework (V__V)

[Edit: 1:37AM 2/13/2012] I owe it ALL to (more…)

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Stream Tonight @ 11PM EST

NO STREAM TONIGHT: sorry guys, most of the team is out sick, so we won’t be streaming. We’ll still be playing though! Come play with us!

Hey everyone!

Although Lunar is down with stomach flu (V__V), we’ll still be streaming tonight as the title says. Hopefully, one (or two…haven’t seen Jcette lately either…midterm week and all that) of you won’t mind playing with us even though we are still admittedly terrible!

Just really quick — HOW do you keep track of people during team fights? Lunar got mad at me once ’cause I wasn’t stunning Poppy (whom we unfortunately fed too much earlier)…but honestly, when everyone’s together, I had the hardest time keeping track of where Poppy was!! I (as Sona, as most of you know) pretty much just look at where the red health bars are mostly located and fire off my ult hoping it’ll hit someone! Do you guys have a trick, maybe??

So yeah, see you guys later!!



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Needed: 12 Step Program?

Dear Kiaria: I chatted back but you apparently never got any of my messages…

Yes, I had only planned on playing one before returning to tackling my mountain of readings, but I SO wanted to win one. Just one! But now it’s 4AM and I’m only sad and angry at the same time. We would have won that last one if the stupid wukong didn’t RAGE QUIT just because the rest of us didn’t want to surrender!! To all the rage quitters of the world: YOU JUST GOTTA BELIEVE!! in teamwork, not the heart of the cards…(>_<)//it’s late, I get to make silly references… Speaking of teamwork, sticking together means we ALL go for Baron, not 4 on Baron and 1 on Dragon… :[

But seriously…do I need to find a 12 step program? My name is Ella and I’m addicted to League of Legends (hiii ella…-__-). How long do you guys generally play in one session? Until you win? Until you lose so bad you just gotta take a break? Until rage quitters make you (TT__TT)? I just want to prove to myself I can win without Lunar/Skye/Berry/Jcette! Boo… (more…)

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