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Best Week Ever!

1. Lulu is free this week. I’ve wanted to play her ever since she came out!!
2. I’ve reached lvl 20, when Lunar says I can now buy runes. What runes do I get?
2b. I read guides and stuff, but I’m not sure if the gold per second rune (tree thing) is good to get? I sometimes play AP (Ahri/Morg) and would probably want to not get the gold per second rune?
3. Just got done with a midterm! now I can move on to other homework, lolz.

In other news…I’m probably just not playing this correctly, but Lulu (while cute) is frustrating? I didn’t see her spells doing much damage? And the polymorph is so short!! I barely have time to take a look at the little squirrel thing before it changes back…Her auto-attacks are pretty nice, but still…Jcette is now trolling with AD Lulu as I type. Funfun.

back to reading now…

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Drunk LoL <3


Long time no chat, no? I wish I had pretty pictures to share, but I don’t take screenshots like Berry…

Anyway! I just had the distinct pleasure of playing with TTMazeltov (sp?), who is level 30…which means it was a tough game…LOL. I’m still a measly level 19 because…well…I haven’t played too much (not like jcette anyway, who has made a smurf o_o). As Berry mentioned, we have lured encouraged more friends to play with us, and BOY! Is it different to be on the other side of the teaching-learning scale! Lunar has the patience of a saint! Also, being the noob that I am, none of my friends used my referral link (http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4f826fdd9e8da570403820) and I was not even aware of its existence until TTMazeltov asked me about it. Why didn’t Lunar tell us?!?!

Oh. Yeah. BTW. Playing LoL while tipsy ;p fun tiiiimes. This post is probably also rather disjointed…I’m just rambling.

Oh!! I also had a wonderful time trolling jcette with Sona. (more…)

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I’m not sure who else reads this blog anymore, but we have new players! We roped two girlfriends of ours into playing muahahaha ❤ They’re learning quickly. I also have newfound respect for Lunar because Lunar had to teach FOUR noobs all at the same time.

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