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Playing with the team wasn’t the only thing I was doing during this project.  I was also solo queuing on my main account and getting better at the game!  I ended season 1 at about 1580, but in January I was down around 1420 due to being out of practice (it was corporate recruiting season and I was busy trying to find a job).  It took me three months, but I’ve been getting better and am now sitting at 1704.  An observation:


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Wondering why I haven’t posted for the past few weeks?

It’s because of this suckers! Final term presentation youtube video goooooo.  1080P yo!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s played with us throughout the last 3 months.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

I can’t speak for the rest of the group but, seeing as I am the official owner of this blog and ❤ LoL, I’ll continue to play the game and will try to make a post at least once every two weeks.  Feel free to drop by every once in a while

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So I’ve just started learning how to jungle, and things aren’t looking so hot thus far.

I play Shaco in the jungle, and my bark is far worse than my bite. Seriously, I can’t accomplish any ganks or help my team at all. Maybe I should just go back to AD carries…. T.T

On another note, are they ever going to nerf fiora? She’s too strong at level six right now. Can’t beat her 1 v 1 even if I buckshot with graves right into her face and hit her with three bullets. Sigh…


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Last Friday night…

There’s a pounding in my head

Body feels like the undead

There’s a new champ in my queue

Yeah those games we played a few

League of Legends in our rooms

Think I just dug my own tomb… (more…)

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…that I hadn’t learned yet, after playing this game for close to three months (facepalm).

1. WTFBBQ you can level your skill by pressing Ctrl+QWER instead of moving your mouse over?!?!?! I was watching over jcette’s shoulder and his skill just leveled, and Skye and I just went “WHATT” Lunar and jcette just laughed at us. =______=

2. Smartcast. Apparently that’s good. In case of Corki, it’s probably not useful for Q because I don’t know the range yet. But should be great for my R and W. It should be theoretically good for Alistar too. hm. Will fiddle around with it. Do these settings carry over to other characters/games or do I have to do it every game?

I found champs I really want!
Veigar! really cute, and really powerful. Unfortunately not the role that I play? (I have a tank and an AD range carry, and Veigar is a mage)

Kog’maw is a ranged AD carry so that should be alright to get right? Just that he’s 6300…

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