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Quick question…

Did you guys master 1 champion first before moving on to the rest of them? Lunar said that I should learn to play a type really well (I’m obviously playing support), so next on my list are Janna, Taric, and…someone else…(<__<) On the other hand, I really like playing Sona and am (hopefully) getting the hang of her. When should I move on to the next champion? How do you know you’ve “mastered” a champion?

Ok, so that was a few more than one quick question… ❤

Lovelove ~


P.S. Papers = no drawings lately…but I’ll get Alistar and Maokai soon!

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Oh no…

…I’m using LoL to procrastinate. It’s come to this ::facepalm::

I just basically 1 v 2 on Alistar against Pantheon and Master Yi, and did not lose that lane. For 21 minutes. Too bad everyone else fed and it was 10 to 27 kills. They just gave up and stopped playing so the enemy took out an inhib at 21:50. sigh.

I’m going to play one more. brb.


Question! As Alistar, should I be helping my carry farm? As in should I be hitting the creeps at all? Or am I just a shield so the enemy doesn’t hurt my carry too much? I spent a lot of my first game shielding Fizz…

End game screenshots below! I didn’t take the first one because it was embarrassing >>

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Binge playing… it’s a real thing.  I hardly ever play during the week (partially time issues, partially other things) but the weekends?  Somehow we’re always out till 3 in the morning raging while the rest of our college parties.  But we all know LAN parties are the best parties… (more…)

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We forgot to mention that we’re streaming tonight! We’re also going to attempt to video record (with an external camera-thinger) so if you see us fumbling around, that’s what it is.
Target time is 11:30 PM Eastern. We will try.

On another note, I debuted a solo queue earlier in the week! It was exciting! I forgot to take a screencap, unfortunately. It started out interestingly: (more…)

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Best game ever

Just now I had the best game ever. The most glorious slaughter I’ve ever witnessed. Old man graves is a monster.

The beginning was inauspicious. We were losing both top and bot lanes and they sent me mid even though there was an AP carry… and the team split up Ella and I (we were queuing together) and GOSH WHY IS RIVEN SO BAAAD stop facechecking and expecting Ella to heal you…

Anyways, our team was losing but we caught a break because the opposing kennen disconnected after a while. And I proceeded to feed off middle lane for like 15 minutes… which got me a bloodthirster, phantom dancers, and an extra BF sword. (more…)

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School v.s League of Legends

Current score: School: 0, League of Legends: 1


I spent the past two hours playing LoL instead of doing homework. I’m screwed for class tomorrow but it’s okay because I destroyed the enemy team with Ziggs. I had Lunar giving me tips and pointers so it made me OP.


Does anyone else have a hard time doing work instead of playing LoL?

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Things you learn from LoL

1. No matter how far behind you are, don’t give up!

I was in a game the other day where the opposing team was behind by around 14 champion kills and the towers were even. I didn’t even know they could come back from that, but they did, and they won. Usually at our level of gameplay, when you’re down a few champion kills the team loses morale and gives up… but why do we do that? It’s so easy to give in and so difficult to change the style of gameplay to come back from a losing situation.

But I think it’s plain masochistic to say “Let’s finish the fight like men” and not have any plan to back it up. (more…)

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