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…than I sound/look, I swear. Just sleepy and bogged down with work I should be doing. But I just ran a game with Lunar and won! Yeah!

Lunar on Singed, me on Alistar, Nunu, some robot spider thing, and i forget someone else. The opponent had Nunu, Sivir, a clown, a ghost looking thinger, and someone else that hurt real bad. The enemy may have been all (or four) smurfs but most likely knew each other because their ign all started with Carpe. Oh, and someone disconnected at the start of the game and never came back.

I think I did alright keeping people alive and saving them. (more…)

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Old man Graves

So I’ve been playing Graves lately, because I couldn’t help my team as Miss Fortune. I was worse with her than I am with Tristana… anywho, Graves is a charismatic old man! Though he ain’t a pirate…


I haven’t been playing as often because I have lots of work~ and because Ella and Berry keep playing without me. Can’t blame them, whenever we play together we lose because there are 5 smurfs on the other team. Although why we call them smurfs is still beyond me… they’re not cute and blue at all. Anyways I’m really caught up in school right now… hopefully I’ll make a comeback?


On another note… how do you use flash? It doesn’t go very far at all and I just got it but I don’t know how to use it.

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Week #3: CS practice part 2

Okay here’s part #2 of my CS commentary.

In this installment I’ll be discussing how to last hit under tower.

But first, let’s get to the why of CS. It’s all about looking like this guy at the end of the game:

#1 CS Major


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I’m going to…

…stick with Corki from now on. That sounds like a bad idea even as I write this. Yes, Lunar has already warned me that he is incredibly hard to play and even harder to play well. But I’m too lazy to go learn more characters and I like ranged and want to make up my mind now so I can start training myself to be more effective. And I want a challenge. It feels like a cop out if I’m just going to play the easy ones to play.
List of things I’ve learned about Corki from Lunar: (more…)

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Rage Rage Morganaaaa

@Second Movement – crap, we never actually scheduled a time to play. Raincheck?? Because honestly, we suck so bad right now it’s just too embarrassing XD

@NoMorals – our/my stream link: http://www.own3d.tv/live/218217

Thanks to everyone who watched our first stream…it wasn’t announced much (or at all…), but the comments to me ingame were SUPER helpful. We’ll be announcing future plans to stream on the “stream” tab (right next to the “about” tab up top) We’re still working on getting the rest of the team stream accounts, but as you all probably already know from her raging, Skye plays on a netbook, so that’s not possible, and the other two don’t want to show their faces. So basically, it’ll be me and Berry who will stream occasionally :3 Please feel free to add us ingame so that we get your comments while we’re playing! We might even respond, Hoops, if we’re not busy dying :p (also…I forgot what you chatted me…was it /R?)

Speaking of recent experiences — I’ve kind of had a turnaround?? (more…)

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Week #3: Observations

Let’s talk about how the team’s doing!  If you’re looking for part 2 of CS Practice it will be coming out Sunday or Monday.

So the good news is everyone is slowly getting better.  Don’t get me wrong, we are still awful, but we’re at least learning how to kill creeps and not die to towers.  #1 problem is we’re running into is these guys:


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Warning: Kinda long. You’re allowed to pull a TL;DR on me.
My new stunningly brilliant conclusion is that this game is more fun when played at a semi normal speed and when you aren’t getting your ass handed to you. (more…)

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